25 Jul, 2020

Can goat farming provide jobs for thousands in Odisha? This startup believes so.

Jayanti Mahapatra, a young entrepreneur inIndia, was taken aback by the extreme poverty she witnessed during a visit toKalahandi, a district located in western Odisha. She saw that many of thevillagers had to migrate to larger cities in seek of work as day laborers orconstruction workers. Jayanti learned that, while many rural families keptgoats, the practice was not not earning them enough money to become asustainable livelihood. In fact, many people in the villages she visited didnot believe farming could be a viable source of income by itself. She was spiredto find a way to create local jobs for the people in Kalahandi and saw goatfarming as a prime opportunity. 

My husband and I were always passionate aboutagriculture, Jayanti told We had visited a lot of high-techfarms,agro companies, dairies, poultries and other agri-ventures and wondered why wecould not do something similar in Odisha. 

In 2015 Jayanti started her business,Manikstu Agro with the mission of changing the landscape of goat farming inOdisha. Through its state-of-the-art goat farm, the company hopes to raiseawareness and spread information on the practices and upkeep of sustainablegoat farming and breeding.

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