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Maximizing Potential

Manikstu is the centre of our  structure along with the core  team of founder and management  (Leadership) while divisions  are headed by experts with a support from Operations,Delivery,Quality and Finance.

At  Manikstu  we  strongly  believe  that  our  success   is  knotted  to  our  highly  engaged diverse  workforce driven  by  the  inspiring  leadership,  integrity ,  with  appetite for  positive change  .We  continuously strive  to  strike a  right life and profession  balance  by  providing  employees a  purposeful  career and personal  development  path  .  Manikstu encourages constant  learning  for its employees  which  includes  job- specific  training,  role  interventions , seminars,  workshops ,Boot  camps , self  and professional  development  program  as  well  as mentoring  opportunities .  This  helps  us  focus on maximizing  our human  resource  potential essential   for  our  growth  and  success. 


Shri. B. K. Sahoo

A mentor, guide, & Business strategist , Shri.  B.K Sahoo  provides  leadership  and  direction  to  Manikstu  Family  as an evangelist , zealously  advocating  the cause  of  enhancing  communities  while remodeling  the  face  of  Agriculture . His deep  insight to  the next -  gen  approaches  to cultivation and continued commitment towards a community  with a culture of agricultural revolution has helped 

Manikstu  shape &  evolve as a valuable enterprise that  underpins  innovative approaches  to address  livelihood  challenges  in  the areas untouched. He stands as the foundation  to  augment  Manikstu  with  his  pragmatic  unflinching  proponent  of  ideas .

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Shri. Sanatan Sahoo
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Shri . Manoj Sahoo
Shri. Naveen Meher
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