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Manikstu agro is spread across over 70 acres. We are competent in using green and eco-friendly practices with new crop management techniques and improved Integrated Pest & Disease Management which made it possible to increase the quality of the produce while protecting the crop using natural methods. Few ravishing  techniques  like  alley cropping  , shifting  cultivation  is  also part  of  our  endeavor. At  Manikstu  we  aim  to  achieve a position  of  one  stop  solution provider  where  we  rope  in individual  ,  small  and  micro  farmers/ producers  along  with  cooperative and  government to support  economic  enhancement  of  communities . 


Our vision is to be a pioneer agriculture company, a well diversified, into high-tech farming,animal husbandry,food processing and developing a strong market for ourselves and our associates.We will focus on innovation and use of technology for enhancing productivity and profitability for the company. 


At "Manikstu" we are determined to give a new face to agriculture, remodel it into a successful business enterprises by integrating with technology to bring meaningful changes in the lives of all stakeholders, employees, business associated and society as whole. 


Our  Unique  approach is  to  optimize returns for all by  carving  a  niche  with  value  addition while  creating  a  harmonial  sustainable  binding  between  the  farmers, producers,  customers  , communities ,  and  environment . 

Diverse Workforce

Purposeful Career

Maximizing Potential

Manikstu is the centre of our  structure along with the core  team of founder and management  (Leadership) while divisions  are headed by experts with a support from Operations,Delivery,Quality and Finance.

At  Manikstu  we  strongly  believe  that  our  success   is  knotted  to  our  highly  engaged diverse  workforce driven  by  the  inspiring  leadership,  integrity ,  with  appetite for  positive change  .We  continuously strive  to  strike a  right life and profession  balance  by  providing  employees a  purposeful  career and personal  development  path  .  Manikstu encourages constant  learning  for its employees  which  includes  job- specific  training,  role  interventions , seminars,  workshops ,Boot  camps , self  and professional  development  program  as  well  as mentoring  opportunities .  This  helps  us  focus on maximizing  our human  resource  potential essential   for  our  growth  and  success. 

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